Israeli landscaper

Israeli landscaper Barak Tamary and his father, landscape architect David Tamary, work together and create beautiful private and public gardens. Their company, Galim Ganim, was founded 20 years ago by Barak, after he finished his studies and toured the world looking for great gardens to see and for good waves to surf. Galim Ganim means in hebrew "waves and gardens".

The work of the Israeli landscaper is not always easy. The dry Israeli weather isn't ideal for many kinds of plants that would flourish in Europe, for instance. The Israeli landscaper has to use special irrigating systems and every garden is a criss cross of plastic pipes and drippers, controlled by an irrigation computer that has to be specifically programmed by the landscaper to water the different areas of the garden depending on the season, the need of the different plants and the hours of the day – for instance, a good Israeli landscaper would never plan the irrigation to work at noon on a hot summer day, because half of the water would evaporate immediately.

On the other hand, the Israeli weather allows use of many exotic plants, and with a good irrigation system the Israeli landscaper can create a wonderful, flowering, vibrant garden or park. That is exactly what Galim Ganim creates, with great love and expertise.

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